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Suspension Services at Bob Moore Ford

Your car’s suspension system is a critical part of your vehicle that requires routine maintenance just like an oil change. A suspension helps to support the overall control of your Ford vehicle, which gives your car a much smoother and safer ride. Most of the time, the suspension system does not require much maintenance, but it is imperative to watch out for warning signs of a bad suspension. Come by Bob Moore Ford for a suspension inspection, and service.

How Does The Suspension System Work?

A vehicle’s suspension system is made up of a protective lattice of shock-absorbing components like springs and dampers, that aid in a smooth and safe ride. The dampers and springs help absorb shock for bumps and impacts on the road while also helping to keep the tires connected to the ground. There are five main parts that make up a vehicle’s suspension, and they include:

  • Shocks – Known as dampers and help absorb energy front the tires as they make contact with the ground.
  • Springs – Help to stabilize the load, cabin, and height of the suspension
  • Ball Joints – Provides a pivoting motion between the steering knuckles and control arms
  • Control Arm – Hinged links that help keep the steering wheel and ball joints connected
  • Anti-Sway Bar – Shifts the movement of your Ford’s wheels in sync with the steering wheel, stabilizing the vehicle’s direction

There are lots of vehicles that have a suspension system for the front and rear wheels that can either be independent or dependent. For a suspension system to be independent, it needs to use the front or rear wheels to move independently of the front or rear axle. If the suspension is dependent, this means that the direction of the wheels is strictly bound by the movement of the axle.

How To Tell If Your Suspension Is Damaged

When it comes to your safety and the safety of your passengers, it is imperative to know what to look for when it comes to a damaged suspension system. One of the very first signs that you may notice, is your Ford taking longer than normal to come to a stop. If your vehicle is not stopping or accelerating like it used to, then there is a chance you have a problem with your suspension. Other signs like unusual clanking or squeaking can also indicate an issue with the suspension. When the suspension has any kind of damage, it cannot absorb the energy from bumps in the road and can make strange noises. Lastly, if your vehicle pulls, drifts, or swerves while driving straight, then it may be time to take your Ford into our service center right away.

Driving With A Damaged Suspension System

It is never a good idea to drive your car or truck with any kind of damage or issues, and the same goes for suspension issues, especially since it helps keep your tires connected to the road. Since your suspension can have an effect on how you come to a stop, it can be dangerous if your suspension is having an issue, and you cannot stop properly. There is also a higher risk of rolling if your vehicle’s suspension system has not been regularly maintained. Always stay safe on the road by scheduling a service with us at Bob Moore Ford where our service team takes pride in keeping you safe on all of your journeys.

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