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A/C Service

A/C Service and Repairs at Bob Moore Ford

Over time a vehicle’s A/C system can start to wear down, or even break down. When this happens your A/C may not blow cool air, or it could cause a refrigerant leak causing even more damage to your vehicle. Making sure your A/C is regularly maintained is very important to the health of your A/C system. That’s why our service team at Bob Moore Ford is here to help with all your A/C service and repair needs.


Three Signs Your A/C System Needs To Be Serviced

There are three tell-tale signs to look out for if you think something might be wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioning. One of the first signs you may notice is an unfamiliar smell. If you notice this then there could be mold inside the system or a blocked drain in the evaporator case. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t blowing quite as hard as it used to, then this may be another sign. This could mean that there is an airflow blockage or too much moisture in the system. The last sign you may notice if something is wrong with your A/C is if the system is blowing warm or hot air. When this happens, it usually means there is a major problem, and you need to bring your vehicle to our certified experts right away.

How Often Should Your Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

Your car’s owner’s manual is a great place to start if you’re wondering when you should service your air conditioning next. Asking one of our professional service members is an option as well, for they have years of experience with your type of vehicle. Most of the time it is recommended that the A/C be checked and serviced thoroughly once a year, or when you do other routine maintenance, like an oil change. You should also bring your vehicle in right away if you notice any of the three signs listed above, to avoid any further damage.

Our Trusted Service Center

Our service department here at Bob Moore Ford is made up of a team of trained auto mechanics, specially certified to work on your Ford vehicle. Whether you need regular maintenance, or a major repair for your air conditioning system, our team of experts will gladly take care of you. Bob Moore Ford also takes pride in only using genuine OEM Ford parts on all services, so that your vehicle stays in prime condition, for longer. Looking for a specific part? Contact our parts center, where they will be happy to get any part you need.

Schedule your next A/C service with us at Bob Moore Ford proudly serving the Oklahoma City community.