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2022 Ford E-Transit

Need a new commercial van to help you get your work done more efficiently? Would you like to save a buck or two or more on gas and maintenance costs? Then explore the 2022 Ford E-Transit at Bob Moore Ford. This is the best-selling commercial van brand in the U.S. and is helping to catapult new businesses into the future with the only electric work van backed by the Ford Motor Company.

Performance and Range

After observing more than 30 million miles of Ford Pro work vans, Ford has estimated the average daily mileage of a work van to be about 74 miles per day. Although some days are longer, and some days are shorter, Ford built the E-Transit with a range of about 126 miles.  What’s more is Ford designed the E-Transit to help improve your ability to work with features like the available Pro Power OnBoard, which provides 2.4KW of power so that you can charge all the tools you need to get the job done. Built without compromising power or cargo space, the E-Transit fitted the battery beneath the vehicle. With the advantages of an electric powertrain, this van offers adequate power for hauling payloads such as 3,800 lbs. on a low-roof cargo van on a regular wheelbase or 4,290 lbs. on cutaway. The rotary shifter has replaced the manual parking brake with an e-brake on the instrument panel.

Reconfigurable Design Choices

We know that what works for one industry may not work for another, so the 2022 Ford E Transit has optional set-ups to suit the needs of your job. Choose from three different roof heights, with a 6’9” foot roof allows you to stand up in your Transit, while the medium roof can accommodate someone to stand up, and finally, the more maneuverable, low roof model can fit into garages with an opening of up to 7’ wide. Choose the chassis cab or cutaway versions to give eight all-electric configurations to the Best-In-Class designs that are found in the gas model Transit vans. You can even choose from three different body lengths (regular, long, and extended) to adapt to your need for cargo space.

Charging Options

Ford Blue Oval gives you access to over 63,000 public charging stations across the U.S. or you can choose on-site charging options for the 2022 Ford E-Transit. The experts at Ford Pro can install the necessary hardware and software at your business so you can keep your fleet running. Finally, with the necessary hardware and software, your drivers can even charge their E Transit vans from the comfort of their own homes.


Your 2022 Ford E Transit vans are equipped with the latest in smart technology that can be accessed through the 12-inch touchscreen. Ford’s Standard Sync 4 technology gives your drivers voice recognition and voice command assistance to make their driving easier and provide better connectivity while they are working. E-Telematics can monitor the status of your fleet, and it can even help your drivers find the location of the next closest charger so they can operate more efficiently.

To find out more, come to Bob Moore Ford and check out the 2022 Ford E Transit so you know which configurations will work best for your business. Stop by today and check out our inventory!