Oil Change

Oil Change

Ford Oil Change in Oklahoma City

Keep your Ford vehicle in prime running condition with regular oil changes at Bob Moore Ford. Save money with an oil change coupon for your next visit. An oil change is part of routine maintenance based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

An oil change is one of the most important parts of routine maintenance for optimal performance and long-term dependability. It can improve efficiency and reliability while reducing the need for repairs. Oil change service at Bob Moore Ford includes replacing the oil filter and the oil along with an inspection to ensure other components are in good shape.
The service team will drain the oil and replace the filter as they check for wear and tear on belts and hoses. They will replace the oil with the correct weight and type of oil to suit the vehicle. Our service techs use genuine OEM parts to ensure reliability and better performance.
The oil does an important part of your Ford vehicle as it runs through the engine and lubricates the components to reduce wear and tear and lessens the friction caused by the moving parts. The filter has a critical job as well as it keeps out dirt, grime, and road debris from getting into your engine.
After circulating through the system for so many miles, the oil becomes less effective and gets thicker. It doesn’t circulate as well, and the engine must work harder, which can lead to more expensive and serious repairs. A regular oil change will help your vehicle provide you with reliable service for many years. It also helps maintain the vehicle’s value when you’re ready to sell or trade it in.

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Go online and schedule an oil change for your Ford vehicle at your convenience. You can also give us a call or just stop in. Hang out in our comfortable waiting area while we get the oil change completed. If you don’t want to wait, you can drop off the vehicle and use our shuttle to get to work.
Check online for our oil change coupon or other specials we may have. Partner with Bob Moore Ford to keep your vehicle in prime condition for many years.